Who is St. Felicia?

My first invocation of St. Felicia was a tongue-in-cheek joke about ignorant white ex-boyfriend being obtuse and offensive about politics, social justice, and anti-racism more generally. I called upon her to give me strength to not smother the man in his sleep with a pillow.

From there, she took on a life of her own as a symbol of the liberation of sovereignty, humanity & dignity from the chains of respectability, oppression, and kyriarchal violence in both the political and the spiritual.

The thing about Felisha in the Black classic movie, Friday, is that she was a hot mess. That's generous, honestly. But Felisha, for all her fuckshit, was also a symbol of all of the women who are recipients of misogynoir, as well as being emblematic disposability of Black lives and bodies, specifically those of women & trans folx, and those who are sick or struggling.

In an unintentional, roundabout way, St. Felicia (I predated the meme!) is quite radical: by sanctifying the liminal and those who exist there in various ways, we find our collective compassion, truth, and restorative justice. 

For me, St. Felicia has a connection to a deep power and Ancestral Wisdom that has been lost to us. I pray to her for moral clarity, strength, and conviction to have the courage and bravery to free myself and others from the pain of injustice and internalized oppression.