Art by Dana Glover

                                     Art by Dana Glover


My relationship with the spiritual rooted in creating a life that brings satisfaction, peace, and nourishment  for myself, my communities, and the planet.

About my Path, Lineage & training

I've been a sensitive weirdo & spiritual misfit since I was a wee one.

However, in Autumn 2013 - after years of waiting & wondering what the deital fuss was about - that I found myself pledging my loyalty and affinity to the Old Gods of the North, including receiving fulltrüa from Freyja. Several years later, during the same season, I transitioned into the shoes of a völva and took steps onto the path of being a magical worker and spiritual healer for family, friends, and the broader community, beyond my capacities and skills as a diviner up to that point.

Historically speaking, depictions of völva show that they wielded a considerable amount of social freedom and influence, able to travel the land without the attachments of the strong bonds of family & clan allegiance. She would serve as a professional political mediator & spiritual technician, wielding a profound amount of power both mundane and magical. The staff she carried gave her the ability to shape and influence the daily ways of Earthen Midgärd and, more importantly, its wars - making her both a highly respected as well as feared individual. According to the eddas, the völur commanded such tremendous gifts that even Odin - the All-Father - was required to consult one to learn the future fates of the Aesir & Vanir.

While I am technically a gythja (priestess) of the North, I choose not to use the word 'priestess' because it comes with pre-conceived notions that don't fit my work, personality, or practice. I will occasionally utilize the terms 'witch' or 'seer-sorceress' - depending on the company I'm in - but they are also insufficient to describe where I feel I fit.

For more understanding as to why I feel comfortable as a queer Black woman walking a Northern European path, check out this blog post for the full story.

In addition to being a Pan-Germanic Heathen, I consider myself a student of Espiritismo, folk Catholicism & saint veneration (having been baptised & reared Catholic), and am also currently navigating/studying several Afro-Caribbean/Afro-Latinidad Diasporic Traditions to see where I best fit.

My religious path As political resistance

Theologically, I am a Pan-Germanic Heathen, who is currently navigating my relationship and understanding Afro-Caribbean Diasporic traditions. I did not choose these paths - they chose me - and they continue to choose me, for which I am deeply grateful and appreciative. My cosmological and theological understanding of the Universe are influenced by these root traditions and is continually evolving as I grow, mature, and study.

I am a devotional polytheist who believes in an originating Divine Intelligence (God; Spirit) & that both the gods and other spirits are manifestations of this Source. I am also an animist, meaning I believe all things have the capacity to develop a spirit (artificially or organically) or are possessed of a spirit, and therefore deserve respect and recognition in our day-to-day and magiospiritual interactions.

As a walker of the Northern Folkways, I stand in opposition to white supremacists who would use my faith and the Old Gods to serve their dishonorable, bastardized agendas of hate, genocide, and extermination. My devotion to studying the mythology & lore of the Norse, German, and Slavic/Balkan pre-Christian peoples, their magical and healing work, the runes, galdr, seidr, and the ways of ørlög (personal fate) and Wyrd (collective fate) represents a healing and preservation of a spirituality important for post-colonialist reconciliation and for a post-Whiteness world.

My Magical Lineage & Training

After almost 15 years of practice, my background in the magical and occult arts is extensive and well-rounded. My primary specialty and focus has focused itself around practical matters, divination, and spiritual healing.

That being said, outside of my own scholarly research and specific course working, I am a spirit-led practitioner: my relationship and ability to communicate will always trump a book or other resource. 

Lineages & Learning

  • Chaos Magic
  • Puerto Rican Sanse
  • Western Occultism
  • Traditional Witchcraft
  • Norse Spácraft & Seidhr
  • Southern Conjure & Hoodoo
  • Icelandic & Swedish Trolldom
  • Brujeria & Curanderismo
  • Espiritismo & La Mesa Blanca
  • Indigenous Balkan, Slavic, Germanic, Scandanavian & Mongolian
  • Louisiana/New Orleans Vodou

Formal Training & EXPERIENCE

  • Louisiana Vodou - Latifah Ife & James Duvalier
  • Usui Reiki Levels I, II, III - Lisa Powers & Naware Danaus
  • Worldwalking & Land Spiritism - Madame Flora
  • Usui & Tibetan Reiki  Levels I, II, III - Naware Danaus
  • Psychic Development Training - L. Wechtenhiser
  • Psychic Development Training - Karen Hager
  • Curanderismo: Traditional Healing in the Southwest & Mexico - University of New Mexico (Coursera)
  • Astrology for Beginners - Benebell Wen
  • I Ching & the Practitioner - Benebell Wen
  • Tarot and Shadow Work for Activating Dynamic Power - Benebell Wen
  • Elemental Energy Clearing - Megan Potter
  • Tarot as a Tool for Craft - Benebell Wen
  • Strategic Sorcery Course (in progress, Jan 18) - Jason Miller
  • Quareia Training (in progress, Jan 18)- Josephine McCarthy & Frater A.
  • Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Facilitator Training (in progress, Jan 18) - Randi Buckley