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BIWOC Masterclass with Sonali Fiske: Dismantling White Dominance in Women's Entrepreneurship
April 2018

I sat down with Sonali Fiske to talk about my work with writing and my take on leadership as an artist, writer, and creative, and where I've experienced the obstacles and trauma as an invitation.

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Reclaim: Ep. 29 - Envisioning A New Future
March/April 2018

While attending and speaking at Your Leadership Recipe 2018, hosted by Makenna Held in Macon, GA, I sat down with Andréa Ranae Johnson, Layla Saad, and Thaís Sky.

For two hours, we discussed a future grounded in beauty, faith, and justice.


Wild Mystic Woman Podcast - Episode 014
February 2018

I had the supreme pleasure of sitting down with my beloved friend and colleague, Layla Saad, to have a conversation about anti-capitalism, Oprah, spirituality, and our visions and experiences as Black women writers.


Soulful Conversations - Episode 39, Pt. 2
February 2018

Nadjejda Chapoteau, Siobhan McAuley and I have a conversation about spiritual bypassing in the online space, the law of attraction, and white supremacy.


Griots Republic - Issue 2, Volume 3
February 2018

I was the featured Blogger of the Month for Griots Republic, where I talked about my relationship with Pan-Germanic Heathenism, my Blackness, magic, and the spirits of the land.


Soulful Conversations - Episode 39, Pt. 1
February 2018

Nadjejda Chapoteau, Siobhan McAuley and I have a conversation about spiritual bypassing in the online space, the law of attraction, and white supremacy.


The Magdalene Voices - Episode 10
December 2017

I joined Mariaestela to talk about my conversion to the Northern Folkways & my developing relationship with Creole Vodou, all in the context of intersectional feminism and social progress.


The Sacred Wheel Podcast with Allison Carr
November 10, 2017

In this episode, I sat down with the lovely Allison Carr to talk about the role and nature of the sacred warrior in modern society, my relationship with the archetype, and the power of naming for healing and justice.

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STORYTELLERS: Alexis P. Morgan
May 2017

I gave an interview to Jacquelyn Tierney for her STORYTELLERS series where I discussed the vulnerability of my portraiture session, art, responsibility, and the power of story.  I shared the names of women who inspire me, my hopes for women in the creative arts, and my words of wisdom for white women across the disciplines in what I hope to see from them.


Ethical Teambuilding with Peter Rubin
February 2017

Peter Rubin of Your Business Midwife & I jam on ethical team building and support development practices for the established, socially-conscious entrepreneur wanting to hire an online business manager (OBM) or virtual assistant (VA).


The Numinous Podcast: Episode 72
February 2017

Carmen Spagnola and I sit down to discuss witchcraft, magic, and liberation. Not only do I liberally share some learning resources, we talk about Pan-Germanic Heathenism/Northern Tradition magical practice and cultural appropriation in the spiritual realms.


Trying To Be Good - Roundhouse Radio 98.3
December 2016

I stopped by Roundhouse Radio 98.3 Vancouver to chat with Emelia Symington Fedy about my personal journey, writing, and activism - particularly as it concerns white women, humor, and not giving a fuck.