Untangling the path: RUnes, TRansformation & Magic

"There are mysteries within the soul which no hypothesis can uncover and no guess can reveal."
- Khalil Gibran - 


I received a reading from Alexis in which I can honestly say my mind was blown by magic. And I am a writer and a secularist, so I do not use these words lightly.
— Isabel Faith Abbott | www.isabelabbott.com

On the work of a völva

The early autumn of 2013 changed my life.

That was the season when I pledged my primary allegiance to the Old Gods of the North and received a fulltrüa from Freyja. 

Several years later, during the same season, I became a völva.

Historically speaking, depictions of völur show that they wielded a considerable amount of social freedom and influence, able to travel the land without the attachments of the strong bonds of family & clan allegiance. A völva would serve as a professional political mediator & spiritual technician, wielding a profound amount of power both mundane and magical. The staff she carried gave her the ability to shape and influence the daily ways of Earthen Midgärd and, more importantly, its wars - making her both a highly respected as well as feared individual. According to the eddas, the völur commanded such tremendous gifts that even Odin - the All-Father - was required to consult one to learn the future fates of the Aesir & Vanir. 

While many people compare völvas to shamans, sibyls, witches, priestesses, and seeresses - in my lived experience, I find that my role as a spirit-led, Northern Traditional völva incorporates facets of each. 

My practice have a base of Northern Folkways - including an extensive knowledge of mythology, lore, magical & healing work, rune working, galdr, seidr, and the ways of ørlög (personal fate) and Wyrd (collective fate). Over the years, I have  also incorporated my training and experience in Western occultism, traditional British & spirit-directed witchcraft, Hoodoo/Conjure, esoteric Buddhism & Taoism, and a light swirl of non-denominational spiritual tools like Reiki and energy anatomy. I am also a student of Louisiana Vodou, although I am a non-initiate and a solitary practitioner.

As a völva, I endeavor to help my clients in creating a life that supports and nourishes them, their communities, and the Earth. Not only do I work remotely through crafting products and other services, I am also available for support and experiences in person as well.


The RITES OF JUNO - A Monthly Event

While I work with the Old Gods of the North, the Roman Goddess Juno - Queen of the Heavens, Justice, and the Treasury - is a consistent & generous benefactor in both my personal as well as professional magical work and practice.

The Rites of Juno are a monthly group ritual intended to invoke the blessings of Juno on your financial & career-related intentions. The date for the service changes from month-to-month, depending on astrology and my schedule.

I prepare each petition by hand, writing it out & dressing it with the appropriate oils, before placing them in a sweetening jar that I pray over and feed daily for 30 days. The jar is then presented on my altar along with sumptuous feast offerings that include prepared & blessed candles, herbs, and flowers for Juno, the Ancestors, and my other helping spirits.

(Jar & container magic is a cross-cultural phenomenon, but I specifically draw from Hoodoo/Conjure, where honey/sugar/syrup jars are used to 'sweeten' circumstances and relationships in order to bring peace and good fortune.)

While other works *also* do community jar services (happy to make recommendations, too), my pricing reflects the time I spend handwriting each petition, my use of the best ingredients I can afford for the sweetening jar & for the candles, as well as purchasing and preparing the best quality offerings money can buy. It *is* a prosperity rite, after all - I go all out.

Each participant receives a copy of that month's report detailing the process of preparing the jar & ritual candles along with a divination for additional insight and inspiration. The jar is refreshed and re-used at the next ritual date, in the same container, so it retains the energy of previous workings.

Curious about results? Check out my testimonials.

Price: $50 USD

Currently Booking For: October 19 - November 17, 2017


Rune readings

In addition to being a völva, I am a spækona - meaning I am a practitioner who is also is gifted with pronounced second sight and intuitive insight. My approach is spirit-led, decidedly Zen, not for the faint of heart and imminently practical.

While this skill is particularly potent for business & career matters - I am consult on a variety of matters with the exception of predicting death and matters that require the expertise of a licensed professional, because I'm not a huckster.

Divination is meant to provide you - to quote my colleague Camelia Elias - with an idea, a clear and firm grip as to your options, actions, and where these things may lead you in times to come. I have a knack for forecasting timing as well, as well as assessing magical strategy and remedies. Before I sit down to work, I make offerings and call upon both my Ancestors & helper spirits, as well as your Ancestors, helper spirits, the spirits of the land on which your home or office sits, or any Deities I feel are relevant to your situation, if appropriate.

A single reading covers up to 3 specific questions.

You will receive a PDF via email with my notes & interpretations within the estimated turnaround time.

Price: $150 USD

Estimated Turnaround Time: 7-12 days


Making Space Sessions

In Norse cosmology, time isn't a linear force - it's cyclical and circular, with the future being able to retroactively change the past. This understanding is reflected in the work of the Norns, who are said to "carve into [Yggdrasil] the lives and destinies of children." Creation is an ongoing process, one that can be influenced and manipulated to a greater degree than most humans realize.

One of the practices of the völva was possibly that of seidr - a type of trance-induced sorcery & healing that involved communion with spirits, movement between the Nine Worlds, and active manipulation of ørlög & Wyrd.

Making Space Sessions are rather literal: they are designed to facilitate you 'making space' for an intended intention, result, or goal to manifest. The goal is for you to walk away with the capacity for - and ideas to help you obtain - your stated, highly specific goal or intention.

A Making Space Session includes:

  • A PDF consultation containing divination notes, at-home magical/ritual suggestions where relevant, and other insights from your energy work.
  • 90 minutes of trance-based, spirit-led energy clearing & other alchemical/transformation techniques, including the use of various folkways and magical tools.
  • A 60-minute consultation via UberConference to review your PDF and for you to gain additonal clarity and ask questions.

This work is not recommended for you if you're not actively ready for change, suffer from severe and/or unsupervised mental illness, or cannot commit 15 minutes/day to the simple daily ritual I prescribe to all my clients.

Price: $600 USD


Any Other questions?

If you're curious what my clients have to say about working with me, take a peek at these kind words & testimonials to get a sense of how I work.  And, if you'd like to ask me questions, shoot me a note or we can have Virtual Coffee - no skeevy sales pitches or other nonsense involved.

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