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Are *you* a fan of my plucky penwoman ways?

Want to keep the questionable opinions, intellectual gymnastics, theoretical future fashion statements & booty-shaking, and antagonism of oppressive social and political conventions going strong?

Do you want to watch me get into internet bar fights with finance brosephs, Silicon Valley technocrats, capitalist overlords, and people with questionable tastes?

Well then, you're in luck, because you can help me do it!

There are a variety of ways to you can financially support and invest in all of the writing and creative projects I get up to.

In this age of late stage capitalism, direct-to-producer, small-scale (or in some cases, not-so-small-scale) contributions and patronage has become a normal and thriving part of our culture. It's an easy way to give creators more political and expressive freedom by tying their funding to their audience, not to the publishing industry, mainstream platforms, or advertisers. It lets us create culture in live-time, build sub-economies within this massive capitalist craphole, and hopefully in the process help reform and rebuild our society into something more worthy of our collective and individual geniuses.


pick Your pleasure - How you can buy me coffee

I have prepared three very easy, convenient, and flexible ways for you to support my writing and creative work. Whether you'd like to give me $1 or $500 once, or $1 or $5 every month, there's an option that will work for you!

  • Become My Patron On PatreonA ton of my readers and audience support a bevy of peeps on Patreon, so to make it easier for you to track your coins, become a subscriber! Patreon charges you on the 1st of every month, and I receive your contribution less their fees by the 6th, without you having to do any fancypants math for transaction fees. Everyone wins!
  • Become A Subscriber of The Coffee Drip FundIf you don't like or distrust Patreon based on their various shenanigans, or you don't want to use them for whatever reason, I've set up a pay-what-you-want, recurring monthly subscription on Gumroad. It's pretty easy to cancel and again, no having to worry about fancypants math when it comes to fees, etc.
  • Buy Me A Coffee (Or Three) - Less Buy Me Coffee's 5% fee, I will instantly receive thy coins by way of internet gnomes with hipster carrier bags delivering them to my bank account. Magic! Jazz hands! Technology! I will then use this money to purchase my nootropic of choice - salted caramel mocha espresso with blood of kyriarchy syrup - so I can continue on my merry way with the writin' and the typin' and the shenanigan-in'.
  • PayPal A Heaux - Or you can just go straight, no chaser, and drop a coin in my Paypal. That works, too. 

Every dollar makes me feel #blessed, so thanks for investing your hard earned cash with me! This helps me focus on doing what I do best - creating - without additional distractions, market constraints, or unnecessary restrictions on my freedom. 

It's also just great to be paid for my labor as a Black woman in a society that systemically disempowers and tells me to devalue my work.

To which I say: hell to the naw, to the naw, naw, naw.