Art by Dana Glover

                                     Art by Dana Glover


My mission as a practitioner is to support my clients in creating a life that brings satisfaction, peace, and nourishment  for both themselves as well as their communities and the Earth.

About my spiritual Life & Magical Training

I've been a sensitive weirdo & spiritual misfit since I was a wee one.

But it was Autumn 2013 - after years of waiting & wondering what the deital fuss was that my peers went on about - that I found myself pledging my loyalty and affinity to the Old Gods of the North, including receiving fulltrüa from Freyja. Several years later, during the same season, I became a völva & took my steps onto the path of being a magical and spiritual worker for others beyond my gifts of psychic & intuitive mediumship.

Historically speaking, depictions of völva show that they wielded a considerable amount of social freedom and influence, able to travel the land without the attachments of the strong bonds of family & clan allegiance. She would serve as a professional political mediator & spiritual technician, wielding a profound amount of power both mundane and magical. The staff she carried gave her the ability to shape and influence the daily ways of Earthen Midgärd and, more importantly, its wars - making her both a highly respected as well as feared individual. According to the eddas, the völur commanded such tremendous gifts that even Odin - the All-Father - was required to consult one to learn the future fates of the Aesir & Vanir.

This imagery - along with the historical tradition of Voodoo Queens in New Orleans - speaks to me and mirrors my life and how I work with my communities. While I am technically a gythja (priestess) of the North, I choose not to use the word 'priestess' because it comes with pre-conceived notions that don't fix my work, personality, or practice. I will occasionally utilize the terms 'witch' or 'seer-sorceress' - depending on the company I'm in - but they are also insufficient to describe my role in my community.

My religious paths As political resistance

Theologically, I am a Pan-Germanic Heathen and a Creole/Louisiana Vodouisant.

I did not choose these paths - they chose me - and they continue to choose me, for which I am deeply grateful and appreciative.

My cosmological and theological understanding of the Universe are influenced by these traditions. That being said: I serve clients of all backgrounds who come to me with a curious mind, an open heart, and a genuine need + desire for pastoral care and support.

I am a devotional polytheist who believes in an originating Divine Intelligence (God; Spirit) & that both the gods and the Lwa are manifestations of this Source. I am also an animist, meaning I believe all things have the capacity to develop a spirit (artificially or organically) or are possessed of a spirit, and therefore deserve respect and recognition in our day-to-day and magiospiritual interactions.

As a walker of the Northern Folkways, I stand in opposition to white supremacists who would use my faith and the Old Gods to serve their dishonorable, bastardized agendas of hate, genocide, and extermination. My devotion to studying the mythology & lore of the Norse, German, and Slavic/Balkan pre-Christian peoples, their magical and healing work, the runes, galdr, seidr, and the ways of ørlög (personal fate) and Wyrd (collective fate) represents a healing and preservation of a spirituality important for post-colonialist reconciliation and for a post-Whiteness world.

The second faith path I hold is that of the Creole/Louisiana tradition of Vodou, also sometimes referred to as New Orleans Voodoo. This regional practice is distinct in culture & conduct from traditional/orthodox Haitian Vodou. It is syncretic with aspects of Catholicism, the practices and tools of Hoodoo/Conjure, as well as incorporating elements & spirits specific to the cultural, political, and spiritual history of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana, in particular. I am not, however, an initiated mambo in the Haitian Vodou tradition and would never represent myself as such, although I am in service to the Lwa.

Being part of the ATRs/ATDRs (African Traditional/African Traditional & Diasporic Traditions), these rich, beautiful, and living faiths - both the Haitian and the Creole varieties - represent the means through which my Ancestors survive and endure that which was both unspeakably cruel but also meant to be unendurable. Both traditions allowed them to free themselves as best they could from the shackles of colonialisation, the brutality of slavery, and repeat dehumanization by broader society to pursue a life of freedom, justice, and peace for their offspring.

In their resistance, I find my resistance - in their hope, I find deep faith and peace.

By rooting myself in the nourishing soil of my spiritual Blackness, I am able to tend to the gardens of my community in ways that center my core values: Truth, Justice, & Liberation.

Magical training as a tool of liberation

There has never been a point - in my entire time on this Earth - where I did not feel a touch magical, even though it took me many moons to understand what I was feeling.

Being a gifted child as well as a gifted adult (in the neurodivergent sense!), I've been simultaneously blessed and cursed with a substantial capacity for emotion and deep sensitivity that makes me able to think in interesting ways but also takes its toll on my nervous system + spiritual and mental states. Whether it was talking to my mothers about my not-so-imaginary-sounding friends, asking existential questions about suffering, or inexplicably answering questions on Jeopardy! that I had no real way of knowing - I was always attuned to the world around me and the people in it to an above average degree. It wasn't until I stopped purely intellectualizing this that I got better at handling it.

As I've grown in training and understanding, I have come to see magic not only as a tool of maintaining ecological and cosmological balance, but as a vehicle for individual and collective actualization and empowerment through influencing probabilities, people, and circumstances through circular time and space. When working, I look to the gods, lwa, Ancestors, and spirits to ensure a work is just and in flow with Universal Balance, and that I am acting only in your best interest as my client.

Having been a magical practitioner (privately & publicly) for the better part of 13 years, I have pretty extensive experience that I incorporate into my work beyond my familiarity with the Northern Folkways and the dimensions of Creole/Louisiana Vodou.

Below is my training, experience, and influences as of September 2016:

  • The 40 Servants (Tommie Kelly)
  • Josephine McCarthy & the Quareia (current student)
  • Strategic Sorcery Course by Inominandum/Jason Miller
  • The Gallery of Magick (modification and exploration)
  • The Spirits of the Arbatel
  • Anglo-Saxon Traditional Witchcraft
  • Esoteric Taoism & I Ching (benebell wen's scholarship & tutelage)
  • Energy Clearing (as taught to be my Megan Potter of Limitless Living)
  • Nine Star Ki Astrology
  • Astrology (inc. planetary & astrological magic)
  • Divination (Tarot, runes, pendulum, Lenormand, playing cards, oracle cards, Kipperkarten, geomancy, scrying, casting lots & charms)
  • Reiki (Attuned through Master Level by Naware Danaus)
  • Zuckerman-Dale models of Energy Anatomy
  • Carolyn Myss' Archetypes (for energy work)
  • Everything else that I invariably forgot to list :P