Photo Credit: Jacquelyn Tierney

About Alexis P. Morgan

I occupy my time and make my cheddar as an internationally known writer and aspiring artsy fartsy socialite (toooootally not a Leo thing to say, eh?) who enjoys taking an axe to capitalism and oppressive fuckshit, oversharing my ongoing inner monologues, and being the fun + eccentric auntie who does witchcraft and has the bougie aesthetic of Morticia Addams crossed with Josephine Baker.

When I'm not running my show, I'm the namesake and executive board chair of the good work of the Alexis P. Morgan Fellowship for Emerging Voices of Color. This probably won't mean much until I'm 30.

My favourite beverage is entitled white male tears on the rocks, with a chaser of fat babe in a crop top.

I'm Black, Leftist, and Glorious AF.
Also a Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon, Leo Rising.

The monetary value of my library could buy me a flooded out Tesla,

And my Internet Certified Archnemesis™ is Gary Vaynerchuk. 

As the daughter of Pushcart Prize-nominated poet Dominique LaBaw,

and the granddaughter of internationally renowned muralist, Isaka Shamsud-Din.

I am devoted to Truth, Justice, and Liberation, and live in the spirit of my foremothers: 

Unbossed. Unbought. Unbothered.

Current Residence: The Windy City (Chicago, Illinois, USA)